The Memorial

While remembering the contribution of the worker ant in his commemoration, the entire colony stood still in complete horrific silence as the Queen ant made her way to the center of the crowd where the lifeless body of their fallen compatriot was laid, the first time she had ever consented to grace such a public function with her esteemed presence, all thanks to the glory of the departed, his dead face tilted to the right so as to keep in line with the century old tradition of not meeting the Queen’s eyes directly even in the event of death, and the solemn moment reached its pinnacle when popular workers of the colony viz. MJSNCO2909X and QWQDMD0-3C lifted their dead mate above their heads for everyone assembled in the bright morning hours to see for one last time the lasting image of their fallen hero, a time tested expert in the field of nesting who commenced working immediately after emerging from his pupal casing and continued that trend tirelessly for the next 93 days until today when he collapsed to the ground for no apparent reason (old age – a plausible connection) thus giving his community no other option but to hold his funeral in grandeur with the noble presence of the Queen herself, who was obligated to initiate the proceedings and at the end of the memorial service thought it wise to march over his body, plucked his abdomen apart with no discernible provocation and called upon her worker class to begin feeding their fallen compatriot to the young for better days to come before leaving for her palace.