Abduction By Hand

One fine Tuesday, I suddenly felt uncontrollable spasms terrorize my body and I couldn’t bring myself to believe the changes I witnessed in my hitherto serene habitat. A sudden rush of shattering sounds ensued and all I could think was to hold onto wherever I was and not make any sudden movements that could make me look conspicuous. Once that ended, a small shaft of light slowly crept in dissipating the darkness and that’s when I saw those huge gloved hands moving toward me in swift motion. I froze in fear and surrendered myself completely to those hands that held me by my head and dragged me out of my place with monstrous impunity, and all I did in fright and shame was cry inconsolably until I saw my smiling mother and heard her say her first words to me, “My baby!”

P.S: Well, this was my entry for a Penguin-Hindustan Times contest to describe one amazing thing in my life in less than 150 words. Thought it was worth a post. Happy weekend, folks! 🙂


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