A First of Firsts

My breathing turns heavy every second while I hold on to his neck with all the might I can muster, my strangulation forcing his eyes to roll up and down as I watch him choke and heave yearning for a release from my firm clasp but I wouldn’t budge, not a chance I could let him live after this day after his vicious backstab, an equivalent of hundred bullet wounds I could sustain any other day just after this deed is done but not fulfilled, not quite yet, almost on the brink of it, just a bit more further I’d have his neck I think, but hey, hold on, no no nononono, wait a second, he can’t die either, he stole my idea of death, agreed,  a valid ground for a remorseless execution of a traitor who suddenly regards the thought of a distant lunar death as his own, possibly a first of firsts in a exotic place nothing less than the Moon itself, can you believe it, a task which is obviously beyond comprehensible poetry that, a mission designed exclusively with the express purpose of performing an unattained death in the history of humanity while I was still a tiny tot for god sake, but now being denied that chance in the fag ending stages by a once trusted friend who has now made plans of his own, stealing my thought shamelessly, dying in my very own hands thus completing his treachery in a high note and I can’t give it to him, I need to kill and be killed at almost the same time, but how I do not know, and I helplessly proceed to tighten my noose in pure blind rage and that’s when something breaks between my fingers and a life departs and I place his corpse in the shuttle scheduling it to launch him back to where we came from, a distant earth far removed from where I am, where his ashes would still remain despite his devious last minute plans, and I remove my oxygen mask in victorious delight awaiting the time I’d rot and meet my maker for once and for all.

P.S: Thanks Karthik for the blogger buddy award! Respect, machi! 🙂

P.S 2: My short story The Sea has been selected for publishing by Forward Press Ltd, UK in their short story anthology “Days Like These” releasing this June. So, yayyy!!!!