An Unexpected Delay

The delay of my train by five hours in midnight was unusual and it prompted me to find the station master to endlessly question him until he bled from his ears hearing my tirade, but nowhere was he in sight nor were any other passengers waiting to board the train to Sikhri with me, leaving me stranded in the biting cold of the night, and when sleep began to sway me unknowingly between different realms of consciousness, an unexpected gush of wind blew with a severe might good enough to roll the hut of the station like a dice, carrying paper sand toothbrush forks mice plastic along with it in its belly, and from it rose an apparition holding a tiny dressing table in his palms with pictures of me placed on it neatly, various frames taken during different phases of my ninety year existence, but curiously the reflection in the dressing mirror wasn’t me with my wrinkles or beard but a much younger me, and crowded around me were everyone I’d known until that day, who were now fast receding into their respective distant pasts and unknown futures, their distorted images fading in a whirlpool of muddy mess, instilling in me an unknown fright and lessened being, forcefully awaking me into the real to find my long awaited train depart and fade in a distance, obliging another day’s wait for me to reach godforsaken Sikhri.