Death To Wall ‘E’ !!!

After having cornered him in one end of the room, I knew this was going to be a make or break instance in my day as the probability of a repeat occurrence when my nemesis’ life could again be offered to me in a platter was dwindling, and this sharpened my wits, tapered my senses, rushed me to action, and as I slowly inched towards him with the lethal weapon in my hand, I could see his black body glisten in the morning sunlight in contrast to the off-white background of the wall he was positioned against, and while his eyes moved frantically in search of a gully to rush towards escape, I inched closer to him, and while he sharpened his shears to attack me with all his assembled might, I had moved even more closer to him, and in a quick-second hand movement that left him stunned silly, which was even faster than that of gun slinging cowboy of the Wild Wild West (no modesty intended), I sprayed ample dosage of the lethal poison on his compounded eyes that blinded him completely and made him fall from his grace to the ground in the most atrocious manner, made him spin like a spindle while his sticky angelic feathers still desperately tried to keep him afloat, and as I saw him grimace in pain on the ground I could barely hear him speak because his lungs had accumulated disgusting loads of sticky phlegm, a suffering he attributed to change of weather from summer to winter, while his final recitation was vaguely based on his realization of death having suddenly assumed distinct and perceptible features, which were surprisingly ludicrous as that of a sleep walking donkey bumping into a wall, and out of exhaustion I slouched to the ground beside him breathing heavily and witnessed the tortuous end of my tormentor of last night, that little harbinger of diseases, that miserable composer of odes of incomparable undecipherable melancholies, who had kept me awake all night with his annoying buzz with such ungratefulness in contrast to the kindness I had bestowed upon him the previous night when I had saved him while he was just a suffocated housefly swimming haphazardly in my hot dinner soup.


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