A Strange Undertaking

After negotiating a fixed price for the funeral rites, the undertaker headed to the funeral yard after placing the receiver back on the phone when the grandfather clock of the church tower announced it was ten ‘o clock in the morning, and right behind the tower was the funeral yard where a lady who happened to be the landlord of the departed had arrived in a solemn dress and a somber mood, singing sad hymns, which unintentionally made the blooming flowers in vicinity droop and vicious cactus plants to frown, in fond remembrance of her only tenant, whose missing corpse from the open casket placed neatly in the grave made the undertaker question the sad woman to its availability (position in co-ordinates, if possible), to which she answered, All in good time dear sir, before continuing to complete the hymn, the intense grief which aggravated each passing minute, making the crocodiles lying at the bottom of the lake cry inconsolably, and forcing the eagles in the neighboring Indus mountains to close their ears and protect their young ones by sitting on top of them, stabbing them fatally with their claws in the process unknowingly, and at the end of the hymn ensued a howl with swiftly increasing decibel intensity emanating from the air just above that of the undertaker, who still had his hands upon his ears like the eagles did, yet found the noise to be deafening like that of a fast approaching train, swore for the first time in his life, God damn it what is that infernal noise, to find a man arriving towards the bosomy earth from the top of the church tower, aligning himself with quick hand flaps to stay perfectly perpendicular to the brand new grave’s centre, remixing songs of failed love and unworthy life in between the howl, fell face down in the grave with a thud, urging the undertaker to confess, Corpse upside down in a grave is a bad sign miss, a sentiment she quickly rubbished as nonsense, wished long life and safe passage to the doors of the Lord for her ex-tenant and added she would join him very soon to declare her unrequited love for him, but little did she know that the day for it to happen was not far, as the annoyed crocodiles and eagles arrived on the scene and devoured her for her extempore delivery of grief and anguish to their hitherto happy families, forcing the undertaker to bury his first customer of the morning in the same casket as her tenant lover with her face up, free of charge.


5 thoughts on “A Strange Undertaking

  1. engiyo poyitta pa, i was visualising the post and the sights looked similar to the videos of pink floyd's wall etc.it would be great to have a video of this post – some day! what say??

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