A Proverbial End

It is not often that I break my meditation mid way and divert attention to mundane happenings, but that was until the day when the immediate sight of all sea creatures standing up right above the surface of the sea, not just ten, but thousands of them with their crude non-brushed foul-smelling mouth open and eagerly awaiting their turn to grab their share of the day’s heaven sent meal, and by this I mean literally Heaven Sent, because they seemed to innocently drop one by one from the densely clouded sky, the dark envelope of which denied the beautiful blue Moon of the evening a viewer ship of this once-in-a-blue-moon spectacle, a mass feeding session for all aquatic life across a fifty square kilometer stretch, with the menu mostly comprising of fresh limbs, unbaked and 100% fresh, long and short, thin and wide, full of life, and blood essentially, the smell of which had turned upside down the hungry bowels of the predators, each of them devouring their destined piece of the meal with such fervor and swiftness, dragging theirs along to the very abyss so as to evade competition but inevitably contributing to the core red paint which gradually overrode the greenish blue texture of the ocean’s surface, the sight of which contributed to the unusuality to the on-lookers standing on the shore, curious to find the reason for all this fuss only to be mowed down seconds later by a crashing Boeing aircraft which appeared out of nowhere from the dense clouds with a roar, and I in the midst of the unfortunate crowd realized it was too late to change the course of my fast approaching end and in good humor found the saying Curiosity Killed The Cat apt for the situation and with a smile ended up trying my best to ease my suffering by getting back to my meditation, which I had broken halfway a while ago for the very first time.


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