A Birthday To Remember

Born on his birthday, the Commander of the prestigious Canon Platoon No. 81 made no mistake in sensing a little discomfort on the final day of the assault unleashed upon his prime foe and ordered his men to arm themselves with beetle nuts in case they ran short of ammunition and proceed to the nearby woods, where their enemies had dug themselves in their custom made graves and awaited the exclusive order from their Supreme Chief to consume the sweet poison tied around their necks as amulets, as victory was nowhere in sight and all that was were either too burnt to be used or too fresh to be consumed, until a badly wounded soldier who realised he had already lost whatever he could probably imagine of losing, except his dearly clinging hopelessly downsized life, rose from his leafy bed and hurled such vituperations with his stentorian voice at the Commander’s platoon that caused the Commander’s heart ache with such unnamed heaviness that he could longer stand to hear this barrage of bitter truth any further and decided he would personally exterminate this Lilliputian, thus ending up using his spear dagger revolver canon and time-bomb, the effectiveness of which were at a bare minimum at this crucial juncture of the war, and when no more of canon balls were left, he threw himself in the cylindrical tube of the canon and fired it with gun powder, charging himself towards his nemesis and wrapped himself around his tormentor’s waist and in the initial cuddle flew a hundred meters in an unstoppable reckless speed and later rolled on the ground interchanging positions on and off the ground, until they reached a complete halt, and as he lay next to the lifeless body of his ill-mouthed foe, realised he still had a war to win and muttered in mystical confusion Now why did I do that, after all his anger had subsided and death was certain on the day he was born.