The loyal servant and the spider

Lost in the kingdom of lovelessness drooled the petty servant unable to overcome his fear of spiders, the sticky stingy cob webs of which consistently sent a chill down his spine in his frequent routine of sweeping and cleaning in the palace of the Emperor, who insisted on cleanliness, and any deviance resulted in the well known consequence of beheading, and such was the rule of the Emperor whose utter disregard to his servants’ emotive priorities included a ban on the servants’ travel outside the palace to make sure the tortured singled out inmate didn’t get used to the idea of love and misery and loss and sorrow and thus maintain an even keel while rendering his service to the Emperor day in and day out, until one day when a spider located in the middle of what seemed to be an abandoned dusty cob web in one end of the Emperor’s room assumed mammoth proportions and wove its silky fiber around him, and blindfolded and consumed by the non stop explosion of silk extruded from its spinnerets, the Emperor passed through the bitter emotions of sorrow loss misery and most importantly – love for his dear life, and after being spun in the labyrinth of cob webs for an hour, the Emperor realized that his lachrymal gland seemed to have functioned to secrete the precious pious drop of tears for the first time since his first Happy Birthday, and that was the day the doors of the palace were opened up by the Emperor for his servant thus enabling him to reach out for the other social beings after a long time, humans cats dogs squirrels cows penguins; alas the spell on the Emperor created by the whirlwind tour with the spider lasted only until that midnight when the vision of love was lost again and the servant was recalled to the palace and as a discount for his long serving faithfulness, the Emperor spared the servant of the axe and as punishment for failing to clean the cob webbed room properly in his daily routine, locked his servant in it, where the loyal servant lost his earlier arachnophobia and himself in the maze of the spindly webs of the mammoth spider, and in a lifelong spell found love in the loveless kingdom of his Emperor.


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