Sentry To King

The intoxicated ant which fell on its right side after the lethal gas was administered, woke up and realized that it was still the very same, yet another Thursday on which it was born with the sole purpose of carrying out his role as a sentry outside the ministerial palace of the Queen Ant, whose open declaration that apples were the reason for her reeking beauty had the entire female population of the happy little ant colony running for the nearest apple in the modest household of Mrs and Mr Zideon, but little did the rushing ants know that the level of fertilizers in the fruit had made it ideally forbidden, yet the mortals remained mortals and the ants remained oblivious to the true nature of the fruit despite their cunning sense of smell and taste, thus becoming victims of a bitter fate that awaited the doomed race of ants, black in colour, round and solid in nature, and under constant threat from the supreme red species which dominated them for over twenty thousand years, until a five year old little black one took it upon himself as he could not tolerate the treatment meted out to his family and race anymore, and threw himself into the present and rebelled the red brigade to etch himself a name for the future races to look upon and pride themselves to be descendants of such a valiant warrior, who until a day ago was no more than a sentry for the ministerial palace of the Queen Ant, whose reeking red beauty didn’t stop her from falling in love with a simple black sentry who hailed from a unknown colony, thus in effect making him the King Ant, whose remarkable life inspired the movie Simpleton To King, but alas for a forbidden fruit which consumed his wife for eternity thus making him a widower, and also susceptible to his red enemies due to his weakened stance, whose plans of gassing the King’s chamber at night worked out successfully and led the King to hallucinate in his last moments of his Queen’s cold hands next to him and held her close to him until the very last moment when he fell to his right side and imagined a valley of grains ahead of him and a cold swarming hand reach out for his heart and he without a question allowed the hand to reach for his innards without hesitation and all the while stood glaring at the porcelain laid eyes of the Queen with her mandibles outstretched and reaching for more more and even more of him.


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