A reason for ‘Antbrain’

Butterflies joined their wings as in welcoming; honeybees sprayed nectar along the streets; houseflies sank into the nearest glass of water to end their annoying buzz; mosquitoes ended their soliloquy and shifted their attention to the proceedings. It was no mean achievement. It’s a pity to know there was no thunder or lightning, or at least meteor strikes in any part of the world. Silence in every aspect of the word. It’s true manifestation, just waiting to be broken. The suspense of the moment created heart aches all around the town. Mahamaya hospital, until then an unknown clinic of Mysore, stood at the gates of history, for without any prior intimation now stood a responsibility upon it which would make or break civilization. The answer to all the unthinkable fortunes, unsolvable mysteries arrived at 23:57 hours. A shrill cry for a gasp of breath emanated from the corridors of the hospital’s maternal ward. The happy mother laid her eyes on her baby for only a few seconds before she passed out of exhaustion.

The Doctor who examined the child in his study for any known deformations and complexities could not help but notice the compounded eyes of the kid which were larger than normal. The baby clung to his coat with such firmness that was unusual to that of a child. The clutch was by a powerful mandible rather than a hand, he realized. The inference of the reconnaissance study of the baby thus spelt – more an ant than a human. Not able to withhold the inference of his study to himself, the good doctor ran to the mother to announce the same. The mother hearing the doctors’ verdict attempted to muster all her strength to speak out. Realizing the effort, the doctor hushed everyone in the hospital corridor to allow the good lady to speak. After thirty minutes of concentrated effort to organize her thoughts and spell the anticipated words much to the nerve exploding consequences of the hospital staff around, the mother finally said “I know” before passing out again.

The public gathered outside the hospital let out a sigh of relief hearing the baby wail and had to let go a few more moments of anxiety before the new born was brought for public display. The arrival collaborated with the rain which poured like never before. The rainfall was unusual not only because of its density and its timing, but along with the rain came the ants. Ants; big and small, red and black, round and lean, poor and rich – encapsuled in the hemispherical hollow of the rain drop, fell on the earth. The panic stricken public ran to their homes patting their body at every playful pinch delivered by the ants, yelling “Ant’s Rain”. The words assumed different intonations in the rain, and finally fell on the muffled ear of the doctor as Antbrain. “So you are Antbrain”, said the doctor christening the child, who much later in his life recollected the incident and posted the same on a jobless Wednesday noon in his blog. Nonsense!


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