The day I was orphaned..

In the lush beautiful fields of grains and fruits ran us three with no fear of separation from dusk to dawn under the superior guidance of our mother whose sense of our enemies of the town was far reaching and something to envy of, and in the tour we landed upon a huge mud walled house with wet exteriors and a wooden door which upon a gentle nudge from our mother let out a little fart but opened up a sight of such immense beauty that no words here could describe the feeling the three of us shared at that very moment, an adrenaline rush we could say in our hunger, that in our glee we ran towards the pile of produces from the grassland that had been assembled so very neatly in alphabetical order and descending sizes arranged bottom to top, and we danced upon the accumulated pile of fruits and grains in celebration with such infinite joy accompanied by festive mood shrieks and yells, which had unwittingly invited the notice of the farm house owner who from his .30 caliber gun shot at us sporadically with no specific aim and spelling obscenities which I won’t utter here in my bitter recollection; but bullets whizzed past us mashing the fruits, the chips of which spluttered all around us while we ran for cover and hid in an obscure end with Death’s open palms reaching the crevices of the piled stock in search of us late until midnight, when the search was over and we stepped out furtively with our mother leading us from the front, and there lay ahead of her, the cynosure of our eyes – the ever radiant Cheese, hanging like a angel from the sky, and our unwitting mother in the urge of securing it let down her guard for the first (and last time) and there came a thunderous clap that resonated throughout the household and there lay our mother in front of us walking around the steel trap and muttering with rage, “Rats!!”.


The loyal servant and the spider

Lost in the kingdom of lovelessness drooled the petty servant unable to overcome his fear of spiders, the sticky stingy cob webs of which consistently sent a chill down his spine in his frequent routine of sweeping and cleaning in the palace of the Emperor, who insisted on cleanliness, and any deviance resulted in the well known consequence of beheading, and such was the rule of the Emperor whose utter disregard to his servants’ emotive priorities included a ban on the servants’ travel outside the palace to make sure the tortured singled out inmate didn’t get used to the idea of love and misery and loss and sorrow and thus maintain an even keel while rendering his service to the Emperor day in and day out, until one day when a spider located in the middle of what seemed to be an abandoned dusty cob web in one end of the Emperor’s room assumed mammoth proportions and wove its silky fiber around him, and blindfolded and consumed by the non stop explosion of silk extruded from its spinnerets, the Emperor passed through the bitter emotions of sorrow loss misery and most importantly – love for his dear life, and after being spun in the labyrinth of cob webs for an hour, the Emperor realized that his lachrymal gland seemed to have functioned to secrete the precious pious drop of tears for the first time since his first Happy Birthday, and that was the day the doors of the palace were opened up by the Emperor for his servant thus enabling him to reach out for the other social beings after a long time, humans cats dogs squirrels cows penguins; alas the spell on the Emperor created by the whirlwind tour with the spider lasted only until that midnight when the vision of love was lost again and the servant was recalled to the palace and as a discount for his long serving faithfulness, the Emperor spared the servant of the axe and as punishment for failing to clean the cob webbed room properly in his daily routine, locked his servant in it, where the loyal servant lost his earlier arachnophobia and himself in the maze of the spindly webs of the mammoth spider, and in a lifelong spell found love in the loveless kingdom of his Emperor.

Sentry To King

The intoxicated ant which fell on its right side after the lethal gas was administered, woke up and realized that it was still the very same, yet another Thursday on which it was born with the sole purpose of carrying out his role as a sentry outside the ministerial palace of the Queen Ant, whose open declaration that apples were the reason for her reeking beauty had the entire female population of the happy little ant colony running for the nearest apple in the modest household of Mrs and Mr Zideon, but little did the rushing ants know that the level of fertilizers in the fruit had made it ideally forbidden, yet the mortals remained mortals and the ants remained oblivious to the true nature of the fruit despite their cunning sense of smell and taste, thus becoming victims of a bitter fate that awaited the doomed race of ants, black in colour, round and solid in nature, and under constant threat from the supreme red species which dominated them for over twenty thousand years, until a five year old little black one took it upon himself as he could not tolerate the treatment meted out to his family and race anymore, and threw himself into the present and rebelled the red brigade to etch himself a name for the future races to look upon and pride themselves to be descendants of such a valiant warrior, who until a day ago was no more than a sentry for the ministerial palace of the Queen Ant, whose reeking red beauty didn’t stop her from falling in love with a simple black sentry who hailed from a unknown colony, thus in effect making him the King Ant, whose remarkable life inspired the movie Simpleton To King, but alas for a forbidden fruit which consumed his wife for eternity thus making him a widower, and also susceptible to his red enemies due to his weakened stance, whose plans of gassing the King’s chamber at night worked out successfully and led the King to hallucinate in his last moments of his Queen’s cold hands next to him and held her close to him until the very last moment when he fell to his right side and imagined a valley of grains ahead of him and a cold swarming hand reach out for his heart and he without a question allowed the hand to reach for his innards without hesitation and all the while stood glaring at the porcelain laid eyes of the Queen with her mandibles outstretched and reaching for more more and even more of him.

A reason for ‘Antbrain’

Butterflies joined their wings as in welcoming; honeybees sprayed nectar along the streets; houseflies sank into the nearest glass of water to end their annoying buzz; mosquitoes ended their soliloquy and shifted their attention to the proceedings. It was no mean achievement. It’s a pity to know there was no thunder or lightning, or at least meteor strikes in any part of the world. Silence in every aspect of the word. It’s true manifestation, just waiting to be broken. The suspense of the moment created heart aches all around the town. Mahamaya hospital, until then an unknown clinic of Mysore, stood at the gates of history, for without any prior intimation now stood a responsibility upon it which would make or break civilization. The answer to all the unthinkable fortunes, unsolvable mysteries arrived at 23:57 hours. A shrill cry for a gasp of breath emanated from the corridors of the hospital’s maternal ward. The happy mother laid her eyes on her baby for only a few seconds before she passed out of exhaustion.

The Doctor who examined the child in his study for any known deformations and complexities could not help but notice the compounded eyes of the kid which were larger than normal. The baby clung to his coat with such firmness that was unusual to that of a child. The clutch was by a powerful mandible rather than a hand, he realized. The inference of the reconnaissance study of the baby thus spelt – more an ant than a human. Not able to withhold the inference of his study to himself, the good doctor ran to the mother to announce the same. The mother hearing the doctors’ verdict attempted to muster all her strength to speak out. Realizing the effort, the doctor hushed everyone in the hospital corridor to allow the good lady to speak. After thirty minutes of concentrated effort to organize her thoughts and spell the anticipated words much to the nerve exploding consequences of the hospital staff around, the mother finally said “I know” before passing out again.

The public gathered outside the hospital let out a sigh of relief hearing the baby wail and had to let go a few more moments of anxiety before the new born was brought for public display. The arrival collaborated with the rain which poured like never before. The rainfall was unusual not only because of its density and its timing, but along with the rain came the ants. Ants; big and small, red and black, round and lean, poor and rich – encapsuled in the hemispherical hollow of the rain drop, fell on the earth. The panic stricken public ran to their homes patting their body at every playful pinch delivered by the ants, yelling “Ant’s Rain”. The words assumed different intonations in the rain, and finally fell on the muffled ear of the doctor as Antbrain. “So you are Antbrain”, said the doctor christening the child, who much later in his life recollected the incident and posted the same on a jobless Wednesday noon in his blog. Nonsense!