Dr. Noname

Doubt the Sun does the moon
Doubt the moon does the stars
Is this argument mundane?
Or is it I’m insane?

Oh alright, I’m insane
Call that, Dr. Noname
Cure me, a man of asia
Do you, know a panacea?
Mister, I’m not a clown
Doctor, now you don’t frown
Take me, into your privacy
Please, spare me of hypocrisy

Now, in the surgical room
with no signs spelling doom
Here comes, Dr. Noname
with a lovely little dame
She says she is the nurse
puts my dough in her purse
She lets in the head of the syringe
what can I do but cringe?
A shot of some in my tooth
makes my manners go uncouth

I can’t bear it, I swear
I feel like running, anywhere
There she is, my Arch
I run to her, yearning to touch
While in her arms I rest and fend
All these dreams come to an end